Oceans: A Big Source of Energy

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We know that Ocean is big, and we can avail it to a great extent. Oceans cover a large part of the globe, we can utilize the ocean energy in creating electricity. There are very few power plants in the oceans and probably are small. But the main point to think over is how can we get ocean energy? There are three different ways we can use ocean energy, one by using the ocean waves, the other by using its low and high tides and the third is by using the different temperatures of the water of the ocean. In this post, we will briefly have a look at each method.

Wave Energy

ocean waves are in motion so they possess kinetic energy. this kinetic energy can be used to power a turbine. One example is waves passes through the chamber and pushes the air outside the chamber, this air in motion turns the turbine that motivates the generator.  As the waves go down the air that was pushed up returns back into the chamber through doors that are usually closed. Apart from this system, another wave-energy system has a piston that powers up with the upside-down motion of the waves in a cylinder. This piston can also turn the generator on. These systems are not too big, but they are capable enough to light up the lighthouse or warning buoy.

Tidal Energy

Another form of ocean energy is tidal energy. Tidal energy is used in a different way. When the tide enters the shores, the tidewater can be trapped in a reservoir in the Dam. when the tide settles down the water can be brought into use as simple in a hydroelectric power plant. Tidal energy has been consumed for so many years.  The tidal energy was brought into use to move wheels and crop grains. This was made by settling dams over small streams and ocean sides. Larger tides are more beneficial for electricity creation purposes. A difference of 16 feet in high tides and low tides are needed, but these conditions occur in a few places on the earth. many of the power plants are working on this basis like one in France that is capable to create electricity to light 240,000 homes. This place is known as La Rance station that began its functioning in the year 1966. it is a big station and has a power of 10 times more than the next tidal power station.

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion:

 Ocean thermal energy conversion also known as OTEC is the formula of using the temperature differences of water of the ocean to create electricity. this method is carried on since 1881 when the first French Engineer Jacques D’Arsonval thought if OTEC. The difference of ocean water is well known by the scuba divers, the fact that as we go deep in the ocean the water gets colder, it is because the surface of water gets warm due to sunlight but the deeper place is very colder. The difference in temperature required is 38 degrees Fahrenheit between the warmer and colder surface of the water. the method demonstration of OTEC is well shown in Hawaii.

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