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Water is a very important source of life, required to every living thing on this Earth whereas; it also becomes the source of energy. It has been discovered for a long time that Ocean waves are a powerful source to generate energy which is useful to make electricity, water pumping, and water desalination.

In the year 2003, a non-profit organization ‘the Wave Energy Centre (WavEC)’ was founded for the development of the technologies required to full fill the purpose and to promote the idea of production of energy without emission of greenhouse gas pollution. Several devices are engineered by the experts in order to harness wave energy to generate electricity; these devices are attenuators, point absorbers and etc.

A research facility was made in 1973 in Oregon, United States named ‘O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory’ while in 2003 government of the United States acknowledged the work of the facility and helped in the promotion and development of the research beneficial for all.

Wave Energy Advantages:

Waves can generate about 2,700 gigawatts of power but due to the lack of required technology and sources, only 550 gigawatts of power are generated, as the power is generated through ocean winds but the climatic changes experienced now varies in different atmospheric pressures.

Wave farms are created just to generate the energy but the lack of other sources, to support the program is an obstacle. The energy generated through the wave hubs can supply power to 7,500 households which are calculated by the experts and scientists working on wave energy production programs. The Power plants for the wave energy are very expensive and are rare in the development process.

It won’t be wrong to conclude that Wave Energy is one of the most powerful sources of energy which can full fill all the electricity demands but the lacking technology sources and harnessing the waves is an ultimate challenge.

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