Solar Energy

Solar Cooling

When talking about solar cooling most of the people that hear this will probably laugh and ask themselves how can the sun cool anything? Well,

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Solar Collector

Are you already thinking that winter is coming and your electricity bills will get you to bankruptcy? Are you in search of a cheap method

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Wind Power

Wind Energy and Wind Turbine

Wind Energy is often termed as the result of solar energy when it receives a response on earth. When the solar rays hit the earth, it falls on different regions and locations that have different

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What Is Wind Energy?

Wind energy is just like the concept of solar energy, where the latter uses the energy provided by the sun, and the former converts the wind into usable energy. Wind energy is also alternative energy

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Tidal Power

The Hydro Power

Water covers major part of the earth. It is of daily use and is essentially needed in our daily life. When it rains or snows, the water that comes from the sky reaches the land

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